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Move LOBSEGMENT to different tablespace

When we created table by using "XMLTYPE" datatype...
create table tmp01 (id number, xml_data XMLTYPE) tablespace users;

srvctl start service; PRKP-1030 : Failed to start the service...ORA-44305: service ... is running

Just my idea. After I stoped service on RAC, and then need to start. But It had a problem.

$ srvctl start service -d DB -s S01 -i DB4

PRKP-1030 : Failed to start the service S01.
CRS-0215: Could not start resource 'ora.DB.S01.DB4.srv'

You can read from my blog http://surachartopun.com/2009/03/srvctl-start-service-prkp-1030-failed.html

From Above Error, that's make me!... Bad, I can not start service.

So, I tried another idea... (try to force stop)

$ srvctl stop service -d DB -s S01 -i DB4
PRKP-1065 : Service S01 is already stopped on instance DB4.


Asian data in AL16UTF16 is more compact than UTF8 and save disk space and have less disk I/O with Asian data. But The maximum lengths for NCHAR and NVARCHAR2 are 1000 and 2000 characters, which is less than the lengths for NCHAR (2000) and NVARCHAR2 (4000) in UTF8.

Sea un heroe, sea proactivo!

Comiésemos este año nuevo con una nueva mentalidad, o una resolución de año nuevo si quieres pensarlo de ese modo, dejemos de ser reactivos y empecemos a ser proactivos. Ser proactivo va a ayudarlo a reducir sus costos en administración de base de datos, incrementar tu nivel de eficiencia, ayudarte a cumplir más fácilmente los SLA’s y lo que es mejor salvar tus horas de sueño cuando estés de turno.

[Web Seminar] Adding Nodes to 10gR2 RAC

This week:
*** Thursday, 8-Jan-2009, 9am Pacific (5pm GMT)

Adding Nodes to 10gR2 RAC
*** Presented by Mengmeng Tang (Dell Inc)

Will discuss detail steps for Oracle DBA and Linux Engineer to add new nodes to existing 10gR2 database RAC. Which including four major Parts :-
· Pre-install checking
· Adding an Oracle clusterware home to new nodes using OUI in interactive node · Adding an Oracle home to new nodes using OUI in interactive mode
· Adding ASM instance to new nodes



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